When we enter Saint Clement Church, our eyes are drawn first to the white marble altar with its mosaic of the Lamb of God, and then up to the Tree of Life in the apse above the font. As we go deeper into the church, our eyes are drawn further up to wonder at the colors, gleaming gold  and streaming light. Saints and angels gaze down upon us. And at the top of the main arch, Christ reigns in serene glory and we are awestruck by the beauty all around us.

The unique design of Saint Clement Church follows the canons of Byzantine art with symbols of the heavens and divinity in the highest sections, images of saints and sacraments in the transitional middle areas, and images of creation on the ground level, where the community gathers around the altar, ambo, and font.

We offer tours of the church for any who may be interested, including private groups. Contact Gabriel Mayhugh for more information.