Student Council

The Saint Clement School Board provides consultation and advice to the Pastor and Principal of Saint Clement School. The school board’s role is to support the mission of the school, assist the administration with project and programs as requested, evaluate and review policies, promote and facilitate communication among parents and the administration, and receive and evaluate feedback from various sources in conjunction with the Pastor and Principal. The school board shall consist of nine elected members who are either parishioners and/or parents of children at Saint Clement School.

Parish Engagement

The Parish Engagement Committee is an arm of the Stewardship Council.  Its purpose is to encourage and assist parishioners in establishing a deeper connection to Saint Clement, to the Church and to their faith so as to grow in their understanding and practice of prayer, service and giving.

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council serves in an advisory role to the pastor and is responsible for visioning, pastoral planning and procedures of the parish. This council is required by Church law and is appointed by the pastor from those nominated by the parish and reviewed by the current pastoral council and parish staff. Selection is made with an effort at representing various contingents of the parish along with bringing needed skills to the council. The Pastoral Council meets monthly. Pastoral Council membership serves in rotating terms.

Finance Council

The Finance Council advises the pastor in matters of parish finances, budgets and financial planning. The council is engaged in the annual budget process and recommends the budget to the pastor. They track financial progress through the year, assure that Archdiocesan financial best practices are observed by the parish and sign off on the annual financial report to the Archdiocese.The Finance Council meets monthly. Members are appointed by the pastor and serve in rotating terms. 

The Stewardship Council works with the parish staff and a wide variety of other parish organizations to shape the growth of true Christian stewardship among Saint Clement’s parishioners.  The Stewardship Council’s efforts are focused primarily on promoting the three pillars of stewardship at the parish: prayer, service and giving.

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