The Pastoral Council serves in an advisory role to the pastor and is responsible for visioning, pastoral planning and procedures of the parish. This council is required by Church law and is appointed by the pastor from those nominated by the parish and reviewed by the current pastoral council and parish staff. Selection is made with an effort at representing various contingents of the parish along with bringing needed skills to the council. The Pastoral Council meets monthly. Pastoral Council membership serves in rotating terms.

Current Members

Katherine Sexton -- Chair
Mark Anderson
John Celentani
Brian Cook
Sherry Frick
Faith Jennings
Tom McCarthy
Peggy Myles
Mary Karen Reynolds
Michael Warrell
Caixia Ziegler
Michael Zink

Pastoral Council Seeking Nominations for New Council Members

Nominations due by May 1, 2021

The Pastoral Council is a consultative body that acts as a source of guidance and advice to the Pastor. The council meets on the second Monday of each month. Council members serve for a three-year term which may be extended for an additional three-year term.
You are invited to nominate yourself or other parish member who you believe has the leadership qualities and interest to serve Saint Clement Parish. As part of the nominating process, consideration is given to maintaining a consultative body that is representative of the entire Parish. A nominee should be:
A Baptized Catholic
A registered member of Saint Clement Parish
Actively engaged in worship and the parish
Willing to attend a monthly meeting and other special events and meetings as needed
Open to sharing opinions in a group setting and consider differing viewpoints
Committed to furthering the mission of Saint Clement Parish and embracing the Parish Anchors of Pray, Serve, Give, Learn and Belong
We welcome your nominations using this link and are due no later than May 1, 2021.
All nominees will be contacted by a Council member to confirm their willingness to serve. Nominees are asked to provide a brief statement regarding their interest in serving on the Pastoral Council. All nominees will be interviewed by a council member prior to making a collective decision.
Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Katherine Sexton, chair of the council — New council members will begin their term in September 2021. 


Meeting Times: 
  • The second Monday of every month.