In 2004, the pastor at the time Fr. Tom Hickey gathered several couples to discuss ways that Saint Clement can better serve and support married couples in the parish. Clement Couples is a coordinated, intentional effort to involve married couples in the life of our parish community.

Clement Couples

What is Clement Couples? 

Clement Couples is a couple and family support system that develops the potential for Christian thought and action within individuals, couples, and family units. It uses the dynamics of group discussion and group action to enable members to grow as Christians, spouses, parents, and as people. We are affiliated with the Christian Family Movement, a national organization of married couples and families. 

Clement Couples is open to all couples of the Saint Clement community that aims to support couples through any stage in their relationship. We meet on the average of once a month in each other's home to talk about how our Christian faith impacts our lives and how we can live our lives more effectively—as married couples, parents, concerned Christians, and responsible citizens. Clement Couples strengthens marriages, develops strong families, deepens faith, builds leaders, and raises social awareness. 

If you would like to: 

  • Do something stimulating and fulfilling as a couple
  • Help sink roots into a new community
  • Learn from the shared experience of other couples
  • Gain insight into parenting
  • Improve the quality and style of family life
  • Support couples in living out their Christian values
  • Discuss with others areas that are of common concern
  • Provide an opportunity for service to Church and community 

Please consider joining Clement Couples. For more information on Clement Couples contact the parish office at 773-281-0371 or Clement Couples Chairs, Mark and Madelaine Anderson

Pre-Cana Host Couples

In the Saint Clement Pre-Cana program, five or six engaged couples gather for four sessions led by two host married couples in the home of one of the host couples. This ministry is very important for the engaged couples as they prepare for marriage (not just a wedding), and enriching for the host couples, as they are reminded constantly of what it takes to keep a marriage happy and healthy. Training for new host couples is provided; new host couples are invited to sign up in the fall for the following year. Contact Lori Howard.