We Need You!

What does registering as a parishioner at Saint Clement Parish mean for you? 

  • Saint Clement commits to providing you opportunities and support as you journey in faith, through praying, serving, giving, learning, and belonging. 
  • Registered parishioners receive important communications throughout the year, including Christmas and Easter, keeping up-to-date on parish news. 
  • Registered parishioners receive preference when choosing dates for church celebrations, such as weddings and baptisms. 
  • Registered parishioners receive preferential admittance to our parish school. 
  • Other parishes often request verification of a person's status as a practicing Catholic, attendance at mass, etc., when that person has been asked to be a Godparent or sponsor. Without registration, no such verification can be made. 
  • Your Sunday offerings are confidentially recorded by parish staff for proof of donation for tax purposes. 
  • In order to participate in lay ministry, registration in the parish is required. 

Saint Clement Parish does not give your information out to anyone outside the parish/Archdiocese of Chicago, ever. If you would like to register, please fill out an online form here. If you have any additional questions about becoming a registered parishioner at Saint Clement Parish or are not sure if you are registered, contact Nicole Zenner.

Please note: Signing up for "The Plaza" weekly e-newsletter does not register you as a parishioner. 

Register today!