Reopening Saint Clement Parish

The parish is moving forward with reopening our church for public prayer. We have now celebrated Baptisms, hosted private prayer and offered confessions. We are now offering public Sunday Masses. 

Click for further details on Saint Clement reopening, the schedule and registration.

Volunteers Needed for Reopening Process

As we expand our opportunities for public prayer in our church, our need for volunteers grows greater. We are looking for volunteers in the following roles:
NEW- Livestreaming Ministry
We are in need of volunteers to assist with operating our live-streaming system during Sunday Mass. If you have an interest in working with technology as well as video and sound production, we would  love to talk with you! The time commitment is minimal and all Mass volunteers have advance access to reservations for their household when they volunteer at Mass. Please contact
Greeting Team
This is our largest and most vital team since these team members will be the face of Saint Clement to everyone who comes to the church for prayer and sacraments. Greeters will assist in managing the flow of congregants as they enter the church, participate in the liturgy/sacrament, and exit the church. Team members will combine some of the functions of an usher, such as directing participants to appropriate seating/waiting areas, but will include additional responsibilities, including, but not limited to, making sure attendees use hand sanitizer upon entering, are wearing a mask, and are reminded not to enter if ill. Given the circumstances, greeters will need to be tactful and firm, paying careful attention to all people on-site. To support parish greeter teams, rudimentary training tips on handling difficult situations will be provided.
Disinfecting Team
This team will work with the staff to ensure that the space is clean. The team will help maintain and sanitize essential and trafficked areas of the church before and after the church has been used. Masks and gloves will be provided, if necessary, in addition to approved cleaning/disinfecting supplies. Per the certification process, parishes will need to develop appropriate schedules and verification methods to ensure cleaning occurs at the proper times relative to when congregants arrive and leave the church building. To support the cleaning team, guidance on proper cleaning procedures will be provided in the webinar training as well as in the Supply Starter Kit. This team will expand when we eventually open for public Masses.
The archdiocese asks that team members are not part of a vulnerable population. However, it is up to the team member to understand and accept any risks. All members will need to understand the training materials and checklists associated with their team.
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Staying Connected During COVID-19

Send Us Your Creative Expression of Faith for "The Harbor"

Saint Clement Parish welcomes you to The Harbor, a new virtual space where members of our faith community can submit and share with the parish their own original work product to creatively express how they are keeping the faith in these days of social distancing. Visit The Harbor to find out how you can share your faith with the Saint Clement community in whatever form works for you — a reflection, a prayer, a poem, a story, a picture, a video, a song or just about any other digital format you can imagine. Volunteers from the Parish Engagement Committee review all submissions before posting them to the Gallery page.  Have fun, be creative and stay safe! 

Giving: The Critical Importance of Your Continued Donations 

Even though our public Masses have been suspended, we still are in need of your financial assistance. Very simply put, we need to pay the bills. Your funds are critically needed to maintain our presence during this unprecedented time. The majority of our costs are met by your donations. We are able to maintain our parish through your stewardship. Thanks for your loyalty and support to our parish. Click for ways you can continue to give financially during the suspension of public services.

Virtual Ministry of Care 

Volunteer to check in on elderly, homebound, and isolated members of our community via phone, email, and/or video visits. Click here to sign up.  Questions? Contact Barbara Silva at

Check our How to Help guide for other ways to serve the vulnerable in our community during this time.

Saint Clement COVID-19 Parent Support Group

Looking to connect with other parents and share practical tips for making life more manageable during the COVID-19 Epidemic? Check out our new Saint Clement COVID-19 Support group on Facebook! Membership is open to all parishioners and friends of the Saint Clement Parish Community.

Social Media

Note of Gratitude

Parishioners Answer the Call to Feed the Hungry in Our Community: A Note of Gratitude from Director of Community Outreach, Barbara Silva

Faith Hub Prayer Meetings

Join us for this virtual opportunity for prayer, community, and accompaniment on Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m. Log on from wherever you are and join us in praying for our world, for healing, and peace in all our lives. This time has been difficult but it has allowed us to encounter the Lord in new and powerful ways. We will be gathering via Zoom and will send the dial-in number and password ahead of the prayer meeting to those that are on the mailing list. Sign up online.