Our Capital Campaign • To Teach Who Christ Is

In the spring of 2014, our parish entered the first phase of our three-year capital campaign—To Teach Who Christ Is. Now, over four years later, our major construction projects are complete, our new spaces and commercial elevator are being fully utilized, and we are continuing to focus on collecting those pledges which are not yet fulfilled. 

While we are thrilled that campaign pledges exceeded the original campaign goal of $6 million, the capital needs of our parish buildings far exceed the established goal. Accordingly, we are still accepting donations for our second phase of the campaign from those who have not yet participated or would like to recommit. 

If you'd like to learn more about our capital campaign, we encourage you to read both our campaign update brochure and our original campaign brochure

Thank you for your support of Saint Clement Parish and the To Teach Who Christ Is Campaign. 

Credit Card Update Instructions

If you have any unfulfilled pledge, please call the campaign's phone number during regular business hours at (312) 534-8500. Anyone who answers the phone will be able to help you update your credit card information.