Members of the COS make an additional donation of $1,500 or more for the maintenance and upkeep and improvement of our spectacular parish Church and buildings. A unique parish initiative since 2004. Community of Shepherds is a pledge program to raise funds to ensure that our ongoing capital needs are addressed. 

We revived this program in August 2021 and we are already projecting over $100,000 this fiscal year. Click to read our brochure.  For a stock donation, please fill out the stock letter of intention.

We gratefully acknowledge the following members of our community who have supported the Community of Shepherds since July 1, 2021: 

Anonymous (3)
Chris & Barb Bagnall 
Al & Joann Boumenot 
Dante Domenella & Ann Tenbrunsel 
Claire Toomey Durkin 
Rob and Abbie Erfort
Hugo & Terry Gravenhorst 
Jaimie Hewitt 
Jim & Danielle Hoeg
Dani Jachino 
Mike & Katie Jakola 
Chuck Jacobson & Mary Lou Vainisi 
Christopher & JoAnn Killackey 
Daniel & Cherie Lauer
Cathy Madayag
Steve & Pat Manus 
Alex Mestre 
Dennis & Linda Myers 
Peggy Myles 
Mike & Kristen Peck 
Don & Kristina Pierce 
Frank & Aileen Scommegna 
Mark & Katherine Sexton 
Catherine Shaffer 
Christopher & Barbara Sifter 
Jason & Andrya Smith 
Franke Ten Brink & Jeannine Cleary 
Fr. Peter Wojcik 

Thank you!