What is Jesse Tree?

Jesse Tree is a ministry in conjunction with Advent that provides parishioners an opportunity to support 12 local organizations with clothing, toys, gift cards, and other needed items in the spirit of Christmas giving. In 2020, Saint Clement generously contributed over 1,550 gift items and over $7,750 in gift cards and financial contributions to our Jesse Tree partners.

How will Jesse Tree work this year? 

Jesse Tree is introducing a new hybrid format this year, merging how Jesse Tree has worked in the past with what worked well in the new format introduced last year!  Our hybrid format will offer both in-person and online options for gift selection and gift delivery.  Here’s how it will work:
  • Official kick-off: Saturday, November 27th 
  • Final gift return deadline: Friday, December 17th 
This year, we have two options for gift selection:
  • We are back to having physical paper tags representing items needed on trees in the church and chapel.  Parishioners will be invited to take a tag to indicate what contribution(s) they would like to make.   
  • Members of our parish community will also have the opportunity to participate online, like last year.  Our Jesse Tree volunteer team will make sure that your gifts are sorted and distributed to the organizations that need them. 
There are also two ways for parishioners to return their gifts to the parish. 
1) Drop off gifts in the marked bins at the parish reception office before/after Mass or during office hours.  (Click for current parish office hours)
2) Mail (or direct deliver) gifts to: 
Saint Clement Parish
Attn. Martina Ricca - Jesse Tree 
642 W Deming Place
Chicago, IL 60614 
The final deadline for dropping off gifts is Friday, December 17th.

Jesse Tree 2021 will support the following organizations:

The needs around Christmas are always great. We continue to rely on your generosity to make this holiday joyful and hopeful for those we serve.