Our parish-wide Lenten almsgiving this year will support the Romero Scholarship of Saint Clement. The Scholarship benefits students from our sister parish, Immaculate Conception, and community of 22 de Abril in El Salvador. These students are in extreme economic need, have the desire and academic potential to attend high school or college, and have a strong commitment to service and solidarity. By supporting the Romero Scholarship, we will be helping young people receive an education that will change their lives, their families, and the Colonia 22 de Abril itself. Your donation will go directly to pay for the students’ tuition, books, uniforms, lab fees and transportation.

Donation boxes, envelopes and information about the Romero Scholarship are available in the vestibule of the church. Families should have received information through the school and religious education. A donation of any size helps. Please make checks payable to: Saint Clement Parish - Romero Scholarship.

History of the Scholarship

The Romero Scholarship of Saint Clement is the result of many discussions that took place during the April 2011 visit to 22 de Abril and thereafter, and was finalized in 2014. Our parishioners had important conversations with the youth of the community, the teachers of the Centro Escolar Católico Hermanos Godofredo y Antonio de Graz, and the leaders of the Jean Donovan Association and Parish of Immaculate Conception. They all expressed the need for an opportunity for further education and spoke of the potential changes that this could bring to the neighborhood.

The Romero Scholarship was named by the young men and women of Colonia 22 de Abril, who take inspiration in the life and ministry of Oscar Romero, 4th Archbishop of San Salvador, known as the “bishop of the poor.” Romero demanded justice and peace for the Salvadoran people, which could only be found in ensuring people had access to basic needs and in upholding their basic human rights. He became a symbol of hope in a country that has suffered from monumental poverty, injustice and violence.

Scholarship recipients

Currently there are five students who are receiving financial assistance through the Romero Scholarship. They are:

  1. Silvia Veronica Rivas: majoring in Psychology at Technological University of El Salvador, sings in the parish choir
  2. Bryan Francisco Castillo Vasquez: majoring in Bilingual Business Administration at Technological University of El Salvador, involved in youth ministry
  3. Cindy Beatriz Melara Mejia: majoring in Early Childhood Education at Technological University of El Salvador, involved with the perpetual adoration chapel
  4. Sayra Gómez Padilla: majoring in Business Administration at Central American University, involved with prayer groups and religious formation
  5. Enmanuel Rivas: majoring in Business Administration at Central American University, involved with prayer groups and religious formation

Our relationship with Colonia 22 de Abril