The Stewardship Council works with the parish staff and a wide variety of other parish organizations to shape the growth of true Christian stewardship among Saint Clement’s parishioners.  The Stewardship Council’s efforts are focused primarily on promoting the three pillars of stewardship at the parish: prayer, service and giving.

Prayer: By supporting and promoting Saint Clement’s annual Prayer Day, the Stewardship Council seeks to help parishioners discover and deepen their relationship with God.

Service: In addition to promoting Saint Clement’s annual Service Day and sponsoring Fall Fest, the Stewardship Council and its Engagement Committee have developed an on-going program to enable parishioners to explore the God-given talents and strengths with which they are called to become disciples of Christ in service to their community and the church.

Giving: The Stewardship Council takes the lead parishioner role in promoting and growing the Sunday Giving Commitment annual offering and overseeing a variety of other efforts to fund the operating and capital needs of the parish. The Stewardship Council also developed and continues to support the Clement Commits program through which the parish contributes 10% of its overall collection to support programs outside the parish to help the poor and others in need in our community.       

The depth and breadth of Saint Clement’s commitment to stewardship was recognized in 2012 by the International Catholic Stewardship Council. 

2020 Stewardship Report

Our 2020 Stewardship Report is available here.