Contact Information
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Parents' Information
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Child's Information

If this is your first time bringing a child forward for baptism, it is a requirement of the Archdiocese of Chicago that both parents participate in one baptism preparation session. Here at Saint Clement, we encourage parents to wait until after the child has been born to attend the session, and we invite parents to bring the baby with them. The preparation session is usually held on the first or second Sunday of each month from 2pm to 4pm. If you have already had a child baptized at Saint Clement, you need not attend the preparation session again, unless you would like to. 

We are thrilled to have a big font that offers parents the option of having their child baptized by immersion, that is, by being bodily dipped into the life-giving waters of baptism. The baby's head does not go under the water, and the water in the font is always fresh and warm. Babies baptized by immersion usually begin the baptism ceremony in clothes other than the white baptismal garment – something that's easy to remove. As the moment for baptism draws near, the parents remove the baby's clothes. We provide a big white towel for parents to hold the newly baptized baby in until the ceremony is over. Then the parents dress the child in the white baptismal garment. If parents choose not to have their child baptized by immersion, the baby wears the white garment throughout the service.
Godparents' Information
One godparent must be 16 years old and a Confirmed Catholic. Additional godparents may be a part of other religions or no religion. We can only list one godparent of each gender on the baptism certificate. If you have godparents of the same gender, only one will be listed on the certificate. If you have more than two godparents, only one of each gender will be listed on the baptism certificate. Please note that the godparents will not see this certificate and all are treated as a godparent in every way during the ceremony.