Annual Catholic Appeal 2020: Come, follow me... and heal our world

Many families in our parish will have received the Annual Catholic Appeal request mailing from Cardinal Cupich. On behalf of those served by the ministries, parishes, and schools who receive funding from the Appeal, we thank you for your gifts. Please return your response as soon as possible. The Annual Catholic Appeal offers a wonderful opportunity to answer Jesus’ call to “Come, follow me… and heal our world.” In addition to providing for ministries and services throughout the archdiocese, the Appeal also funds services that are of great help here in our parish.
Our parish goal is $131,212 in paid pledges. Of the funds collected beyond this goal, our parish will receive the first $10,000 and 90% of any funds above $141,212 (the $131,212 goal plus the first $10,000) as a rebate. Beginning this year, 10% of the rebate funds over $10,000 will be paid to the Archdiocese to cover the cost of running the Annual Catholic Appeal.
Last year, with our rebate, we were able to install the underground sprinkler system needed for the school's peace garden, conduct a campus-wide security review and further investigate what is needed to restore the church's dome (such as performing a scan of the dome and determining the location of the tension ring using ground-penetrating radar).
As we contemplate God’s many gifts to us, we should also reflect on our gratitude. Your financial support for the work of our parish, our archdiocese, and the Church throughout the world is one way to express this gratitude. Please give generously to the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal.
Thank you to all who have returned their pledge forms. If you would like to make a pledge online, please click here. Under "Parish Designation," please choose "St. Clement."