Barbara & Chris Sifter's Experience of Alpha Marriage Enrichment

Join us for Alpha Marriage Enrichment!  Read on to learn what fellow parishioners, Barbara and Chris Sifter, thought of their Alpha Marriage Experience!
We truly enjoyed and would recommend the Alpha Marriage course for the following three reasons:
  1. Deepening the connection in your marriage 
  2. Helping to facilitate conflict resolution 
  3. Showing love to each other
Covid-19 has put all of us through a new version of reality. Maybe you were ready for this, but we were not quite… Some aspects of the Covid pandemic such as spending more time together was a blessing, but as we know sometimes too much of a good thing may have the opposite effect.  Additionally, home schooling and a lack of outside activities, led to a lot more communication - and miscommunication. This created a need for more intentional conflict resolution and showing of love to your spouse and family more than ever or and in a different way than expected…. 
Deepening the connection - as humans we crave connections. Chris and I have known each other for over 10 years but there are still things we discover about ourselves. Not only have we changed from who we were when we first met but also our spiritual needs and relationship with God has changed (not to mention establishing new relationship with our kids).  The Alpha Marriage series gave us tools and vocabulary to improve our communication with each other and learn things that have been forgotten.  The re-learning needed to happen with each other and with the help of God's presence. Our favorite learning: “Our Aim in marriage should be to listen twice as much as we talk.”
Helping to facilitate conflict – there was and still is a different “normal” during the Covid pandemic as it relates to community, family and life in general. Lots of time together is a blessing but also maybe a few not-so-great interactions. To properly process, recover and manage conflict, there is need for new tools and approaches to facilitate conflict resolution as it lingers around and strains the family dynamic.  The course refreshed and taught us new tools to resolve conflict, help process the stress and hurt feelings, and identify emotions sometimes we don’t know are there. Our favorite quote: “Where there is forgiveness at the heart of a marriage, it has unparalleled power to bring healing”
Show love – we rediscovered the Five Love Languages - loving words, thoughtful presence, physical attraction, quality time and kind actions, and we processed the sessions, even when sometimes not as light, we felt full of God’s presence with prayer and a sense of belonging.  This course has helped us as individuals, as husband and wife, as parents, and as friends and as humans.  Showing more love has a profoundly positive impact on our kids and our family dynamics in so many aspects of our daily life – helping each other, work support, school, and leisure  activities.  It taught us “Love is not just a feeling – it requires – is an act of the will to meet each other’s needs. We are called to imitate the love of Jesus.