Clement Way Thank You + Next Steps

Last Fall, Fr. Peter called upon Saint Clement to build on our legacy and renew our parish. Since 1905, many generations of Saint Clement parishioners have joined together to determine our direction, build a pathway of belonging, and express our faith in service. It is now our turn, our responsibility to continue this work.

As such, Fr. Peter laid out numerous strategic initiatives to guide Saint Clement’s journey of renewal. One of these is The Clement Way, an initiative designed to create a parish where all members of our community, regardless of faith/engagement level, age, or parish tenure, can come to know Jesus Christ, grow in greater discipleship, and be active in the parish.

The Clement Way launched in April with a diverse group of more than 60 parishioners and staff. Over the summer, this group – divided into 8 different teams – assessed Saint Clement’s current state, researched best practices in other church & school contexts, and created implementation plans that were presented last week. Their focus was on welcoming, engagement, and church-school integration. It's truly the work of the Holy Spirit that through these volunteers we continue to be on the path to do great things to build up our parish family. We are deeply grateful for each parishioner and staff member that raised their hand to contribute to this important work.

Throughout the next month, the Parish Core Leadership Team will review these plans with our Councils to prioritize the work over the next 5 years. By mid-October, we will roll out our Year 1 plan and begin the work with parishioner implementation teams. If you are interested in engaging with one of these teams, please contact Nicole Zenner of the parish staff.