Happy Thanksgiving message from Fr. Peter

Thanksgiving Message from Fr. Peter Wojcik, Pastor

Friends, blessed Thanksgiving from Saint Clement. I hope and pray that this Thanksgiving, unlike the last one, is an opportunity for many of you to visit your family and friends, to reconnect, to celebrate and simply give thanks to God. We all have a lot of reasons to be thankful: thankful for our first responders, people who kept us safe and going; thankful for the medical staff and unbelievable teachers who here at Saint Clement kept our school open throughout the school year; thankful for our staff, people who kept this church, this community so welcoming and so loving, especially throughout the summer season. I am so grateful for each and every one of you, members of Saint Clement.

This year, we have a reason to be thankful. As a community, we pulled together. At a time when so many were feeling isolated and alone, we broke this cycle of isolation and lonelinesss as we welcomed so many people to our events, our social gatherings, our celebrations, and most importantly, the liturgies. Thanks to you, here at Saint Clement, we find ourselves in a place of gratitude, gratitude to God for his presence here at Saint Clement for over a hundred years, and to you for taking on your next step in sustaining this community and bringing its vision to completion, and in welcoming others to Jesus Christ.

My prayer and hope is that as you celebrate Thanksgiving, you'll feel affirmed as a member of this community and you'll know how important you are to us. Please know that on behalf of Saint Clement's staff and our community here, I wish all of you a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving break, and please know that we'll be praying for you here on Thanksgiving day. God bless you all!