Help Support an Afghan Refugee Family

September 2021

Join Saint Clement in partnering with Catholic Charities to sponsor an Afghan family.  

Letter from Fr. Peter Wojcik, Pastor

A few weeks ago, I received a call from Dr. Sally Blount, the CEO of Catholic Charities in Chicago, asking if Saint Clement would join the movement of resettling a family from Afghanistan in the U.S. My first thought was of course, this is why we are Catholic, which means universal, as we care for people of all nations and languages. At the same time, the members of our Justice Ministry, who last spring, successfully collected over $20,000 to support another refugee family, reached out to me with the same request. I was overjoyed when our Pastoral Council also supported this important commitment. So, today I invite you to consider your support of this critical partnership with Catholic Charities and help us in raising the $50,000 needed to cover the cost of the 1st year of resettlement. This amount will secure housing, legal support and necessary stipends.

Who will we help?

Refugees are being allowed into the U.S. as a result of legislation passed by Congress offering refuge for Afghans and their families who assisted the American government during the war. They include translators, drivers, maintenance workers and others who supported the U.S. military. They are described as Special Immigrant Visa holders. The Catholic Charities in Chicago is collaborating with other Catholic Charities offices where refugees are already being welcomed. Our support will go directly to the agency that will support the family. At this point, we don’t know if the family will be in Chicago, as the government is trying to place families as close to already existing Afghan communities as possible.

Here is a short video from San Antonio when Catholic Charities pledged support for over 300 refugees, many of whom already arrived there. 

As we continue to grow in our anchors of serving and giving, please join me in supporting this humanitarian need of our sisters and brothers, who like all of us, dream of living in peace and security, and help us to reach our $50,000 goal to support their new start in our country.

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