Letter from Fr. Rex: Fifth Sunday of Lent

Dear Saint Clement Parishioners, 

We begin week 2 of the "Stay-at-Home Order." We are getting used to "social distancing" and seeing fewer people out in the streets. Parents are working from home and kids are e-learning. Perhaps, we feel somewhat restricted in our own homes having to share the physical space with everyone. We miss seeing our co-workers, our children seeing their friends at school and others catching up with a friend over lunch or dinner. We have missed being at Mass together and seeing our friends on the plaza. There is anxiety, there is fear, panic buying and sickness. We are all still adjusting and adapting to this "new normal," while wondering when all this is going to end. 
In the midst of all this, we continue our Lenten journey. In today’s Gospel we read about how the death of Lazarus leaves a large absence in the lives of those who loved him. When Jesus tells Martha that her brother will rise again, he will show her that he means now: “I am the Resurrection and the life.” The darkness of the tomb is not too dark for Jesus. The death of Lazarus does not mean that it is too late for Jesus to be his life. The great miracle is that while he is still dead in the tomb, Lazarus hears the word of Jesus and obeys it. Hearing the voice of Jesus, Lazarus lives again. The story of the raising of Jesus proclaims the great truth that Jesus is the Lord of LIFE. He has the power to call us out of our tombs. 
Here we are journeying through these latter days of Lent. Lent is a time of soul searching. Times like these show what the human spirit is truly capable of, and how big we are and how little control we have. As we look around we realize that despite these dark and uncertain times, people are incredibly generous and caring. We will hear the birds sing and we know that Spring will turn to Summer. There is still goodness, kindness and love. In Jesus God is always at work sharing with us NEW LIFE. 
You are in my thoughts. Let us continue to pray for each other. 
Fr. Rex Pillai, Administrator