The Nativity of the Lord Reflection by Father Paul Seaman

Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones! Jesus is born and the world is swept out of the darkness and brought into Divine Light. Christmas is a joyous time, a reflective time, a peaceful time. I hope you will enjoy all three of those blessings of the day. We can be joyful because God has come to save us in the person of Jesus Christ. The ancient world was awaiting the Savior. In God’s time, He chose to allow His Son to enter into our time. As Saint John’s Gospel says, “The Word became flesh.” That word is “love.” We are a people called to seek out God, just as the Wise Men did as they followed the star. They sought Jesus. Today, we continue that search in our own lives. The other side of that is that God is seeking us. God longs for us. God is the lover who can never get enough. When we experience that love of God, then our hearts know a new joy—an everlasting joy. No one or no event or situation will deprive us of that joy.

This is also a time for reflection. We are reminded that the innocent Christ Child was from a homeless family. They sought the kindness of strangers and found little. But the manger became the center of the world. As farm animals provided warmth, shepherds brought their wonder and angels sang their songs. How much we need that same warmth, wonder, and song in a world that can be bitterly cold to the lonely and marginalized.

The Christ Child beckons and awaits our response.

As Jesus came as the Prince of Peace, so we recognize that the world is not peaceful. The tragedy of war across the globe and violence in our city’s streets is a cruel reminder that the work of Jesus is not yet complete. How blessed we would be if only all peoples could embrace this gift of peace! There always have been wars and will probably be wars to come but we still have one gift Jesus gave us that will not be exhausted.

Hope is at our Christian center! Yes, the world is far from perfect and so are we. But still, the love of God envelopes us like the dark of that first Christmas night. The star that shown was a beacon and a symbol of God’s unrelenting mercy and grace. How blessed we are! Let hope be our lifeline to joy. May this Christmas fill you with hope as a sign that God never gives up on any single one of us. God bless you with incomparable joy! Merry Christmas!