Parish Systems Update - August 2021

Update from Gabriel Mayhugh, Senior Manager of Parish Systems

This Summer, the parish rolled out our new giving and payment platform called Pushpay. After over a year of comparing giving platforms with experts in the field, we decided on Pushpay primarily because of its ease of use and strong reporting capabilities. It is not possible for us to change giving for our parishioners, so we are asking everyone to sign up in Pushpay for their giving. You can then request that the parish cancel your old giving or you can cancel your giving on your own. We still have a way to go. 50% of our parishioners have made the switch to Pushpay. If you haven’t done so already, please do! It can quickly be done at Or you can use our new text-to-give option by sending a text to 1-833-872-5207 with the word “stclementchi”
      Pushpay is coupled with a new database platform called Church Community Builder. These two platforms together give us ChurchStaq which is a church management system that will be used by parishioners and parish administration. Through ChurchStaq, we will have the tools to electronically engage with one another and engage with prayer opportunities, groups and events in the parish. ChurchStaq will keep our ministry rosters, allow groups to communicate with their members, publicize our events, and help us to keep attendance statistics. It also provides an easy-to-use reservation system, calendaring system and integrated payments with Pushpay for our special events. ChurchStaq will give us the ability to quickly count our flock and the many ministries and events that we offer. It will provide solid data that will allow the parish to evaluate itself and celebrate successes while attending to our needs. All of this is done while securing your personal data and allowing you to have control of your communication preferences.
      One of the most exciting aspects of Church Community Builder is our custom designed app. The app is both robust and highly useful. Our events will be publicized there, registrations can take place, people can interact with their groups and the parish will be able to easily communicate news and happenings to you. This app allows you to engage with the parish in a manner that is as easy as most of the apps you have on your device. It essentially puts the parish community at your fingertips at anytime. Look for the app to be unveiled this Fall.
      There is much more to come with ChurchStaq. We are in process of rolling out its capabilities. Most of the forms, payments and registrations in the parish are now done through ChurchStaq. Our calendaring system will be up and running by September 1st and our roll out to parish groups is on target for late September.
      As if this isn’t exciting enough, we are also in process of redesigning the church and school websites. Both websites have become dated and we have heard feedback regarding the ease of use. The websites will be optimized both for mobile and desktop use. We’re working on designs that are beautiful and functional while incorporating the many aspects of ChurchStaq into the system. Look for our redesigned websites in the late fall!