Parishioners Reconnect With Their Strengths

On February 6 more than 50 parishioners who have participated in our Strengths For The Journey program came together for our annual gathering to reconnect with their strengths. Our Strengths For The Journey program runs at various times throughout the year and provides the means for our parishioners to discover their God given gifts in a small group context over three weeks.

The February 6th program began with dinner and fellowship, allowing former Strengths group members to reconnect and share how they have incorporated the knowledge of their Strengths into their daily lives. Our very own Fr. Peter Wojcik was our keynote speaker and he shared with us his thoughts on how are God given strengths help us in our discernment.  He encouraged us to recognize the strengths God has given us, own who we are and use those strengths to do something for God.

We also had the opportunity to envision what the strengths of some of our favorite Saints might have been. Did Saint Ignatius Loyola has context as a strength? People with this strength enjoy thinking about the past to help understand the present and improve the future. Sounds just like the daily examen! Participants had time for personal and small group reflection on questions such as “How actively do you use your strengths in your decision-making?” and “How do you actively listen to God?”

If you are interested in participating in a Strengths For The Journey session please click here. Questions? Contact Lisa Friedlander.