Peter Pan Junior Debuts at Saint Clement School

Peter Pan is a spectacular tale of a boy who never grows up. It is set in a place known as Neverland located at the Second Star to the right and straight on 'til morning.

In an incident with her father, Wendy Moira Angela Darling, Wendy for short, is forced to spend her last night in the nursery with her two brothers, Michael and John. After they are fast asleep, Peter and his fairy Tinkerbell sneak into the nursery because Peter lost his shadow. He finds it, but in doing so wakes up the Darling children. Peter takes them to Neverland where they encounter the cheerful Lost Children, the dangerous pirates of Neverland led by Captain Hook, and the brave Neverlandians of the island. Together, Peter, Wendy, Michael, John and the Lost Children with the help of the Neverlandians are able to stop Captain Hook's plan to capture Peter Pan.

Directors Anna Bax and Alexis Randolph along with 72 cast members and 10 crew members worked for three months to put on the show. We are very proud of the students' hard work. We are very grateful for all the parents, school staff, and parish staff that helped us make this musical possible.

Photos by Amy Boyle Photography.