Results of Parishioner Engagement Survey for Fall 2020

Parish Survey Insights
Thank you to the ~500 respondents who filled out the parish survey. Your input is invaluable as we consider where we are today at Saint Clement and how we are called to grow and renew as a parish, especially in the face of the uncertainties associated with COVID.
Overall perception of Saint Clement
The majority of respondents have a very positive perception of Saint Clement with 7 out of 10 respondents saying they would recommend our parish to friends or family. Many people mentioned our strong community and welcoming environment as reasons they would advocate for Saint Clement – factors which were both noted as being top reasons people select a parish.
It is also important to note that newer parishioners are less likely to advocate for Saint Clement and some respondents report not feeling actively welcomed or recognized in our community. We take this feedback seriously as it calls us to thoughtful examination of our consistent welcome and individual follow up with new members of our community, especially in this time when many are isolated due to COVID-19.
Reopening communication and virtual Mass
~87% of respondents indicated that they feel knowledgeable about Saint Clement’s reopening plans; however, health safety concerns are still top of mind for many. Hence, we are constantly examining our safety procedures and cleaning all public spaces after each use. ~87% of respondents have attended at least one virtual Mass since the pandemic began with ~41% of those people reporting they routinely participate in Saint Clement’s Masses. Many mentioned there is a need to improve our virtual Mass offerings, specifically referring to the production quality. Since you provided us with your insights, we have improved the quality of our cameras, sound, and provided texts for Mass participation. We will continue listen to your input as we strive to make our livestream truly excellent.
Since ~50% of people reported attending Mass less frequently, our liturgy team is working with me to ensure that our Masses are not only focused on the experience of adults, but also on the engagement of children. Starting in the Fall, our 9:30 a.m. Masses will be focused on children and their families. Based on your feedback, we are also planning to begin Monday morning Masses and additional opportunity for prayer and services in the evening. Volunteers are needed to help make this possible so please consider signing-up here.
Parish engagement
The vast majority (~80%) of survey respondents are also seeking ways to engage at Saint Clement in the Fall. People of all ages expressed interest in service opportunities, small groups, and prayer experiences. This Fall, we will continue our virtual programs on social and racial justice, we will offer Alpha Courses (small groups), Catholicism One on One, Scripture courses, and opportunities for service.
We are excited by this continued level of engagement and plan on both virtual and in-person offerings as we continue to live out our mission as a parish. If you haven’t already signed up to receive The Plaza, sign-up here to make sure you stay connected for Fall updates.


Full Survey Results

Thank you to all who responded!