Saint Clement Parish Welcomes Over 475 Visitors through Open House Chicago

Saint Clement welcomed over 475 visitors to the church as part of Open House Chicago. This was our fifth year participating in the event. A group of dedicated parishioners works diligently to welcome the many people who view our inspiring and architecturally significant church building. Our visitors range from the neighborhood person walking by to the art and architecture expert who looks at the building in-depth. We see parishioners from years past as well as seekers who are not only interested in the church building but are also interested in learning about our vibrant parish community. Many of the visitors are also unchurched and non-religious, but they are inspired  by the rich byzantine art that covers the interior. Saint Clement is a standout for many visitors and one of their favorite sites of the event. Thank you to all who made Saint Clement a warm and inviting place for the hundreds who passed through our doors last weekend.
If you have never taken a tour of the church and would like to know more about its architecture and rich symbolism, we have a twenty-minute professionally produced art and architecture video that will take you on a tour. The video can be viewed on our website: