Steward Stories: Allen Wesolowski

Our Steward Stories are shared by parishioners who have connected with Saint Clement and actively live a life of stewardship. Today we hear parishioner Allen Wesolowski share about his experience of Encountering God's Mercy as part of our monthly Encounter Series.

Steward Stories - April Encounter Series

Allen Wesolowski


I got married in 1987, started a new job, moved to Lakeview in 1990 and accidentally discovered Saint Clement that spring just before Easter. While serving in the RCIA process, we talked about the discernment of the heart that is manifested in our outward actions. While my personal volunteering was growing over time, I still had a sense that I was taking the easy road, while so many in the broader world continued to suffer. I realized that my many blessings could not be hoarded; I needed to share them in a sacrificial way. 


Armed with the solidarity I found at Saint Clement, I discovered I could join with others, sharing values in common, to share the mercy of God, not just with our candidates and catechumens as a theological idea in the RCIA process, but with real people in need in my neighborhood, in my city, in the country and around the world through concrete initiatives. I did not need to know all the answers before acting; I could choose to walk with the stranger, whose voice may otherwise go unheard, and I could bring forth our common petitions to those who have the power to make decisions. Only as a member of this wonderful faith community, have I dared to try and make a difference.


Along the way there have been many challenges. I know I would have thrown in the towel many times if I had not a faith story and community to fall back on for courage and hope. At the same time, with great joy, I have seen this holy space filled to capacity to pray for the success of the Lincoln Park Community Shelter during a time of civic debate over its future; we serve the needy among us through so many outreach efforts too numerous to list here, including our Clements Commits program and newly established Love Your Neighbor ministry. And how many have we reached through our virtual footprint this past year!!