Steward Stories: Andrew Robinson

Saint Clement stewardship stories have been reformatted to focus on the three Anchors that relate to stewardship: Pray, Serve, and Give—as embodied by Saint Clement parishioners. This new edition of Steward Stories will feature parishioners involved in one of the above Anchors three times a year.

As a college graduate transitioning into young adulthood two summers ago, I faced a common but a previously unforeseen challenge: the search for communities amidst balancing the newness of a professional career with personal life in a new city. At my first 7:00 p.m. Mass at Saint Clement, I was awestruck by the vibrant and welcoming group of people I met. After several months, I was energized by the possibility of channeling such a strong faith community into collective action, and I joined the Young Adult Community (YAC) board as the “Serve” co-chair.

In my time at Saint Clement, I have begun to understand stewardship not just as specific actions, but as a disposition towards taking the blessings that one has received—regardless of size—and offering them to God through service of others. A passage I revisit frequently is: “Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant” (Matthew 20:26). Yet, especially in carrying out service, I am often overcome with uncertainty that I am enough—the issues of the world seem too great to tackle, and my offerings seem meager in the face of such complex challenges. However, I am reminded in the parable of loaves and fishes, we are called to give without reservation, trusting God to multiply the little we give into the masterpiece of His plan.

Through service, the community at Saint Clement has empowered me to develop my faith and live in stewardship. The community testifies to the love of Christ in the world; I have set forth a paltry offering of loaves and fishes, and through His embodiment in the Saint Clement community, God has magnified the bounty. I have realized that a lone act of stewardship is good, but an offering of stewardship amidst the power of a faith community such as Saint Clement is where service reaches its fullest essence.