Steward Stories: Margaret Meyers

Our Steward Stories are shared by parishioners who have connected with Saint Clement and actively live a life of stewardship. We focus on the three Anchors that relate to stewardship—Pray, Serve, and Give—and feature parishioners involved in one of these Anchors three times a year. Today we hear from Margaret Meyers on the Anchor "Serve."
      My name is Margaret Meyers, I’m a senior at Whitney Young High School, a Saint Clement School Alum, and I have been a parishioner for 17 years. For the past 5 years, I have had the incredible opportunity to be a member of God Squad, Saint Clement’s youth group. Coming into this program as a 13 year old and graduating as an 18 year old, I can confidently say that God Squad has helped shape my personality and the way that I view the world. It has demonstrated to me the importance of community, while also stressing how I can think individually about my faith. Every meeting I am challenged to consider how I can be a better person for others, and I find myself carrying the lessons that I learn in God Squad over to every aspect of my life. I have built some of my most cherished friendships because of God Squad, and you will always find me smiling whenever I’m with this special group of people.
      One of my absolute favorite things that I have been able to do as I got older in the group is leading meetings. Picking out a theme, prayer, activity, and Bible verse has helped me connect with my faith, opening up different conversations about what it means to be a Catholic teenager. I also always look forward to cooking dinner at the Lincoln Park Shelter with my fellow members as it is always a joyful night of connecting with community and serving those who we are fortunate to meet. It is through these activities, that I am able to find what our faith is all about. We are called to take what we learn each week in Mass, and not just hold it to ourselves, but share it through action. I am incredibly fortunate to have grown up in the Saint Clement community, and I have learned how important it is to share with others the sense of belonging that I feel every time I walk onto the plaza. I am so thankful for God Squad and the lifelong bonds I have formed, all of which have been created through a communal desire to serve and an excitement to discover our faith together.