Steward Stories: Rachel & Scott Pasquini

Our Steward Stories are shared by parishioners who have connected with Saint Clement and actively live a life of stewardship. Today we hear from Rachel & Scott Pasquini.
Our discovery of the Saint Clement community came about through our search for a Catholic school for our children. At the time, we were parishioners of St. Vincent de Paul Church, where Scott and I met, married and baptized both of our daughters. It would be an understatement to say that we were hesitant to leave St. Vincent and its beloved pastor, Father Chris Robinson. However, both Scott and I greatly benefitted from Catholic schooling in our own childhood, and we were committed to giving that gift to our three children. And so, we went in search of a new parish with an elementary school, and soon attended the family Mass in the Saint Clement chapel one Sunday morning with our daughters. It was immediately clear to us that Saint Clement was a special place. We had never been to a Mass where children could truly be themselves, wiggling and laughing without judgement, while learning about their faith. After the mass, so many families approached us to introduced themselves and warmly welcome us to the Church. It was so clear to us from the very start that Saint Clement is not just a wonderful parish, but a vibrant, caring and connected community. And weeks later, we felt even more assured that this was our new home when seeing Father Chris lead Mass at Saint Clement as a visiting priest, and hearing how much he advocated for the parish as a wonderful community for young families like ours. 
      Now, years later, we could not be more grateful for what the Saint Clement community has given us. Both of our daughters attend the elementary school, with Emerson in 3rd grade and Kate in Kindergarten, and our son Adam looks forward to joining them soon in pre-K. The Saint Clement School has only exceeded our expectations of providing our children a place to learn, grow and belong. The teachers and staff go above and beyond to nurture our children’s enjoyment of education and shape their foundations of being caring citizens of the world. From top to bottom, the staff is intelligent, hard-working and committed to not only our children’s education, but also growing their faith. And amidst the incredible challenges that this year has brought, where most schools have retreated to a virtual curriculum, Saint Clement School found a way to provide our children an in-person education that most other schools across the city have been unable to unlock. Beyond our experiences with the school, the Saint Clement community has strengthened our relationship with God and established a deeper connection between us and the wonderful city of Chicago, carrying us through both the good times and bad. 
      The Saint Clement community has already given so much to our family, and we try to express our gratitude through contributions of both financial support, including both a Sunday Giving Commitment and Annual Fund sponsorship, as well as our time through participation in just a few of the many wonderful activities that the parish organizes, whether it be the homeless lunches for Catholic Charities, Thanksgiving food baskets or shopping for Jesse Tree items at Christmas. There are no shortage of opportunities for us and our children to be reminded of the joy in giving to others and caring for the less fortunate. And in these difficult times that we find ourselves living in today, we cannot think of a more important effort to support with both our time and money than the community at Saint Clement.