Stories of Impact through Clement Commits: Lincoln Park Community Services

Did you know that every time you make a donation to Saint Clement, you are contributing to our Clement Commits program and supporting the work of organizations serving the common good? Through Clement Commits, we donate 10% each fiscal year from our parish collections to worthy organizations.

One of our recipients is Lincoln Park Community Services which received a $9,000 grant through Clement Commits.

Lincoln Park Community Services:  Lincoln Park Community Services (LPCS) brings communities together to empower individuals facing homelessness and poverty to secure stable housing and make sustainable life changes. Founded in 1985, LPCS is a comprehensive social service agency serving adult men and women who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Clement Commits funding will support the general operating expenses of LPCS. The organization recently expanded services, including operating two facilities, expanding drop-in services onsite, and providing an ongoing and effective response to Covid-19. 

Letter of Gratitude sent to Saint Clement

Dear Saint Clement,
Thank you to Barbara Silva and Father Peter Wojcik and the entire congregation at Saint Clement Parish. You are a true blessing! Thank you for your generous gift of $9,000.00 to Lincoln Park Community Services! Your investment in our work means that we are able to assist those who are experiencing homelessness in our community right now. We cannot do this work without committed supporters like you.
With thanks and gratitude,
Cheryl Hamilton-Hill
Chief Executive Officer