Stories of Impact through Clement Commits: Singarapalli parish in India

Stories of Impact: The Difference Our Parish Family Makes through Clement Commits

Singarapalli parish in India

August 2021

Did you know that every time you make a donation to Saint Clement, you are contributing to our Clement Commits program and supporting the work of organizations serving the common good? Through Clement Commits, we donate 10% each fiscal year from our parish collections to worthy organizations.
One of our recipients is Singarapalli parish in India, which received a $7,800 grant through Clement Commits.
Singarapalli parish, located in the Nelloru Diocese in the Prakasham District of India, consists of nine parish substations located in rural, remote areas. These parish substations largely serve poor communities of day laborers and farmers whose lives have been severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Clement Commits funding will be used to provide basic amenities, including food, water, masks, and hand sanitizer, as well as to promote health awareness and safety practices, to 1000 families (8000 people) in the parish communities who otherwise have limited or no access to these resources. 

Letter from Fr. Doss of Singrapalli parish, India

Dear and loving Fr. Peter Wojcik, Pastor,
Greetings and prayerful wishes from Fr. S. Arokia Doss from Singrapalli parish, India. I am very sorry for the delay in writing this thanking letter to you. I was sick for some time. I have received your generous contribution. I am sure it will have a Major impact on helping these poor Tribal and Dalit people in Singrapali parish. Thank you for your compassion and Empathy and helping hand during this extraordinary time. I also want to extent my sincere gratitude for St. Clement Commits Committee Director, Staff and members. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for working so hard to help us. In this difficult time, you are also facing a lot of financial problems and it is in this hard time you have thought about our poor people. I will make sure every single dollar is used for your noble cause. With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting everyday life, we thank you for your continued support and wish you and your members health and peace. 
Finally, on behalf of my parish people I want thank you for helping us to make positive difference. Your support encourages our continued commitment to reaching our goal. We are praying for you and please pray for us. Once we complete our distribution, I will send you the completion reports and photos. 
Thanks again for your generosity and support.
Your brother in Jesus Christ,
Fr. S. Arokia Doss