Stories of Stewards: Alyse Fischer

Once a month parishioners share personal stories of how they have connected with Saint Clement and actively live a stewardship life through prayer, service, and giving. This week we hear from Alyse Fischer:

I started attending Mass at Saint Clement in the summer of 2015. How I got here is not as relevant as why I’m still here. The first time I went to Mass at Saint Clement, I was astonished at the attendance of young adults my age. Growing up in the mountains of Tennessee, this was a rare, but exciting sight for me. Wanting to get involved with the Young Adult Community, I took the plunge that summer and volunteered at Theology on Tap despite not knowing a soul. Later that year, after a brief yet meaningful conversation about prayer with Christina Bax, I was invited to join the winter retreat leadership team. The following summer, I was asked to be on the planning committee for Theology on Tap, and next thing I knew I was joining the young adult leadership board, where I now currently serve as co-chair.

I love nothing more than giving my time, talent, and energy to a group with whose purpose I can truly connect. Having the opportunity to do this at Saint Clement is what being a steward is all about for me. At Saint Clement, I have found a strong sense of community and belonging to a greater cause: our faith. With this palpable sense of meaning and connectivity, I know my efforts are helping others find ways to grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with God.

This sense of belonging was also the encouragement I needed to sign-up for Sunday Giving Commitment. Being a part of the Clement community and knowing what this parish stands for motivated me to make a regular financial commitment, something I hadn’t done before. I know what I contribute helps support a meaningful cause, but I also know what I am able to contribute far exceeds the greater gain I continuously receive in return through my engagement with other parishioners and development of my own faith; a reward I know will be eternal.