Stories of Stewards: Liz Clark

Liz Clark, right

As part of our ongoing engagement process, we have come to realize the importance of parishioners sharing their personal stories of how they have connected with Saint Clement as an important factor in their lives. As a feature twice a month, we share the stories and reflections of our engaged parishioners who are living a stewardship life of prayer, service, and giving. This week we hear from Liz Clark.

I've been a member of Saint Clement for almost seven years. When I first moved to Chicago and I was feeling a bit lost, my brother, who attended Mundelein Seminary for a short time, told me to check out his friend, (then Deacon) Fr. Manny's church. It happened to be Saint Clement! All it took was one person to initiate a conversation with me on the way in to my first Mass, and I knew this was where I belonged.

Several years later, Saint Clement became even more special as my (future) husband, Andrew, was confirmed here. Two years after that in 2014, we married, and Saint Clement is now the place of many new beginnings for us.

I'm the type of person who needs a tightly-bound supportive community, which is why Saint Clement has become such a cornerstone of my life. I've gained so much from being welcomed in to this vibrant parish, so I make an effort to give back as much as possible. I've been involved in a variety of ways including serving on the Young Adult Community (YAC) Board, leading the YAC Winter Retreat, facilitating for Strengths for the Journey, Service Day, Clement Couples, Theology on Tap, and most recently, singing in the Seraphim Choir. The people here are truly what makes Clement so special. The wonderful friends I have made through my involvements are the biggest blessing.

The thing I love most about Saint Clement is how the events and opportunities really aim to nurture the whole person. Programs like Strengths for the Journey are so wonderful because they have given me opportunities to grow and understand myself better as a unique creation of God, and in return I can pray, serve, and give in ways that are more meaningful to me. In addition to volunteering our time and talents, Andrew and I find it really important to also give financially. I love that Clement gives 10% to our greater community, and I also want to help maintain our worship space. Our church building is an incredible, artful treasure that I hope we can preserve for generations to come.