Stories of Stewards: Susan Brady

As part of our ongoing engagement process, we have come to realize the importance of parishioners sharing their personal stories of how they have connected with Saint Clement as an important factor in their lives. As a feature twice a month, we share the stories and reflections of our engaged parishioners who are living a stewardship life of prayer, service, and giving. This week we hear from Susan Brady.

John and I were married at Saint Clement Church in 1999. Our four kids were baptized at Saint Clement Church and they all currently attend Saint Clement School. As a family, our very favorite annual tradition is the 4:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass with "Silent Night" following communion in our dimmed church is quite special. Beyond liturgies, we are grateful to Saint Clement for the special friendships and community we have grown to appreciate over the years.

With four kids, I seek guidance on parenthood. My bookshelf is a museum of parenting books, covering a wide range of stages and philosophies, all in the name of being a good parent. If I charted my parenting ability, it would take on all the highs and lows of Great America's wildest roller coaster and our kids are not even teenagers yet.

As I search for constants in my journey of parenthood, I realize one of the best gifts John and I can provide for our children is a rock solid foundation of Catholic faith. The type of faith that will shine with their successes, serve as a light through their most challenging and humbling moments, and play a role in all the days in between. Strong faith will accompany our kids when they struggle for guidance, question purpose (common among my tweens), ask for forgiveness (not so common among my tweens) and forgive others.

Instilling faith in young minds is no easy task. I think of it as an investment that is slowly crafted over time, which requires time and effort, starting with us parents. In our household, sometimes the simplest task of a blessing before mealtime can erupt into family warfare. I try to be mindful that the faith-building process is a marathon not a sprint. Over time, the more opportunities we can tee up as parents, (attending Mass, altar serving, service projects, sacrament preparation, etc.) the stronger the foundation of faith for our kids. This faith will pay dividends over and over in the lifetime of our children.