Striving for Deeper Holiness: July 25, 2021


17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Friends, greetings from Saint Clement. This gospel reminds us of the powerful, powerful working of Jesus. Jesus not only manifested God's great power in Him by healing the sick, by bringing people into communion with God, by delivering them from the spirit of evil. In today's gospel taken from the very beginning of the sixth chapter of John, we see Jesus feeding over 5,000 people with just a few loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus manifests this great power that He has not only to show that He truly is the Son of God, but also to get people's attention, to remind people that God is a God of generosity, that God is a God of love, that God is a God of care. That's the God you and I believe in.

You know, sometimes people come to me and say, "Father, I don't believe in God." And I always ask them to describe God to me, and the way in which they describe God is like a pre-K understanding of God. I always say, "Well, I don't understand, or I don't believe in that God either." The God we believe in is the God of Jesus Christ. You don't understand God? Read the Scriptures. Read the Gospels. See God, learn God through the lenses of Jesus Christ. That's why He came, to teach us who the Father is, so we can love the Father with a child's heart, so like Jesus, we can learn who God is to us and through the power, in the power of Jesus's name, we can not only receive God's Holy Spirit, but we can do great things in the name of Jesus to one another.

Here at Saint Clement, we have such a great privilege of ministering in the name of Jesus to others. We do it through our homeless ministry. We do it through all the communities that we share and serve through our parish Clement Commits program. And we do it, of course, through our Love Your Neighbor program in which we serve one another, especially those in need of meals and groceries and other necessities, as people struggle or need our support. Friends, we have been people who are so blessed with generosity and with the presence of God, and my invitation to you is, as you welcome the generosity, to ask yourself how can you reflect the beauty and generosity of God to one another.

Here at Saint Clement, we are so busy this summer. We are renovating the school building. There's a lot of work that we are doing on tuck pointing in our new building, as well as renovating some of the classrooms and creating more classroom space, additional to classroom space in the building. We just renovated parts of our chapel here that were damaged by water by replacing the plaster and repainting it. We did it all across the office space. We are doing a lot of work. If you can help with it, especially if you can financially support some of our renovations, please do consider it. We'd love you to consider it. It will help us big time. But also please ask yourself how you can actively continue the ministry here to one another in the parish, or begin something new, whether in liturgical ministries or whether in our hospitality area in a way to be present to one another. I believe that Jesus manifests His great power to us in the community, and the more active we are in the community, the more Jesus we'll experience together. God bless you all!