Striving for Deeper Holiness: July 4, 2021


14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Blessings from Saint Clement. Friends, Happy 4th of July, wherever you are. My prayer and hope is that you know the closeness of our community, but also if you are new to Saint Clement, that you join us for so many opportunities this summer that we invite you to be part of. As you see, we are all set up for our celebrations here at Saint Clement. "Wine Down Wednesdays" are opportunities for us to simply come and be with one another. We start at six o'clock with the Mass, and then we move here outside and we have a wonderful celebration of community and friendship and closeness.

On Saturday evenings after the five o'clock Mass, we invite you to join us simply to be with one another for a glass of wine or bottle of water before you head out to dinner. And of course, our young adult community is invited on Tuesday nights to our annual Theology on Tap. We are so blessed to start it this upcoming Tuesday with Mr. Cliff Barber. Cliff is a good friend of mine. He spent a lot of years in banking in the UK and now is the chief strategy officer for the Archdiocese of Chicago. He will talk about the gift of peace and how we, as a people of God, can experience this peace. So I invite all young adults, and please invite your friends to join us this upcoming Tuesday here at Saint Clement.

Friends, the word of God that we hear today is taken from the sixth chapter of Mark. In that word, we hear an astonishing message that because people had no expectation of Jesus, Jesus couldn't do anything for them. After we have been reading through chapter five, how many miracles and healing stories and healing moments Jesus offered to others, now, as He went back to His native place, He cannot perform any miracles because there's no expectation. There's no faith. We pray and hope, I pray and hope that we'll never be people who don't have expectations toward God. As a community and as individuals, we always will be people who expect that God is fully present in our midst, that He's at work and that He empowers us with the work of His Holy Spirit to be people of mission who not only receive God's blessing, but also then who become that blessing to one another.

I pray and hope that these summer months are an opportunity for all of us to come closer as a community, to welcome new members, to say goodbye to those who are moving to other parts of the city and the world, and to assure all of you of God's presence and God's work right here at Saint Clement. God bless you all!