Striving for Deeper Holiness: June 13, 2021


11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hi, everybody. Friends, blessed June. Today we celebrate the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time and the readings today basically say something really important. Sometimes we focus so much on what we can't do, we forget about what God can do through us. We are so self-focused on the busyness of our own lives, we forget that we are created not to be busy, but to be fruitful.

In Ezekiel in today's first reading, God says that He will plant a fruitful tree, a tree that will flourish, that will bloom, and that will bring great fruit. God is a generous God. He gives us fruitfulness and how God gives us fruitfulness, of course, is by our participating through Jesus in the life of God. Through the Eucharist, through our prayers, through our ability to be present to God, we learn how to be fruitful, the true meaning of fruitfulness, not only how to be busy, but how to be fruitful in our lives.

And so my invitation to you this weekend is simply to recognize that God wants you to grow and that God wants you to grow in the ways that will help you to be fruitful. You see, we don't find fruitfulness outside of God. We find fruitfulness within God. So many people say to me, "Father, I cannot come to church. I cannot pray now because I don't have enough time." It's always not enough. And I always think on the flip side, God is not about not having enough, but always speaking out of abundance. God calls us to a place of abundance, not a place of scarcity.

And so my invitation to you, friends, is not to focus on what you cannot do, what you don't have, but to focus on the blessing that is already there for you in Christ, through Christ in God, and as you welcome that, just open your heart and allow God to work in your life. God bless you all!