Striving for Deeper Holiness: June 20, 2021


12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hi everybody, blessed 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Sunday today speaks basically about one very important question we all ask, all Christians throughout the centuries ask: Is Jesus enough? The continuation of the gospel today is from the fourth chapter, verse 35, it starts with verse 35 of Mark's gospel.  And as you know, last week we heard the gospel about fruitfulness and the mustard seed.  Today as Jesus spoke to the crowds, he wants to go on the side, he wants to get on the lake, get in a boat and go away and just simply rest and pray.  As Jesus does this, the big storm comes in and basically the disciples freak out, they're scared to death about losing their own lives. The basic question is: Is it enough that Jesus is in a boat with us? Is the presence of Jesus enough to save us from this unexpected death from harm? And of course Jesus claims that his presence is enough. The disciples, even though they were fearful, they awakened Jesus.  But what Jesus did is he responded to them saying: Don't worry, have faith, I am with you, you will be fine. This is the message that Jesus gives us this Sunday- Don't worry, I am with you, you will be fine. The question is, is Jesus enough for me in my life to have a good life, to have a peaceful life, to have a life filled with hope? This is a question that is on so many minds especially as we thank God that we concluded this horrible season of Covid-19.  And as we awaken to this new reality of the world, Jesus claims one more time this Sunday that he is enough for you, he’s enough for me, he's enough for us as a parish community 
And so I invite you to deepen your faith in Jesus to simply join us here at Saint Clement for one of our Masses. We are so excited to start our Wine Down Wednesdays in just two weeks. You will be able to join us almost every Wednesday in the Summer. Invite your friends, invite the people you didn't see for the longest time.  Rather than invite them into your house, invite them into our house because Saint Clement is your home. Invite them here and just simply celebrate, have a drink welcome them to the community. If they are new, introduce them to new people and if they've been gone for a while, invite them to reconnect. You are the arms, you are the hands, you are the face of Jesus Christ to others.  And my invitation to you is to simply invite people to be the face of this community and to be the face, the inviting face of Jesus Christ. 
In a special way, I am thrilled to welcome Father Paul to our community who will join Father Matt as my second associate pastor. Such a blessing for a very large parish like this one to have not one, but two associates as that will help us in a special way to be present to you, to accompany you, to prepare couples for weddings, to assist you in your baptism preparation. In so many different ways in which we serve God here. 
I’m also very excited to announce that Father John Kartje, the rector and president of Mundelein Seminary will be joining us as our regular presider here at Saint Clement. Father Kartje is a University of Chicago trained astrophysicist and scripture scholar. His presence here I'm sure will not only help us to be even more Christ-focused but also will help you to learn more about Christ through the study of the scripture and looking at how science and faith come together.  And so friends I am just overjoyed to welcome you back this summer at Saint Clement.  Please join us for all the activities
that we have lined up. God bless you all!