Striving for Deeper Holiness June 27, 2021


12th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Hi everybody. Friends, it's so hard to  believe that June is almost over. We just started this month and yet time flies by so quickly, and my hope and prayer is that if you're a new to Saint Clement, welcome! We are so delighted that you are choosing to be part of our community. I invite you to visit to register and to join us for so many opportunities this summer, for "Wine Down Wednesdays" on Wednesday nights, and join us after the 5:00 PM Mass on Saturday for our reception, our happy hour before you head out to dinner or meet with friends. Join us here at Saint Clement as we delight in our anchor of belonging and believing. We come together so together we can experience the healing power of Jesus Christ.

This is the heart of the gospel today taken from the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, starting with verse 21, I believe. And it's a story of a dad, who is a synagogue official, who comes to Jesus to beg Him to touch his daughter with healing, and if his faith is great, nobody believes that Jesus will do it. And yet, because of his faith, Jesus grants his wish. He heals his daughter. What that teaches us is an importance of prayer of intercession. You know, we pray intercessions in the middle of the Mass, but there's more to intercession than just mentioning different petitions once a week. You and I are powerful intercessors. We believe that God sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within us and therefore that the Holy Spirit speaks through us, in us, and enables us. It calls us to be intercessors for others.

And so my invitation to you is to practice that prayer of intercession throughout the week. In your daily prayers, when you go before God, pray for specific intentions of people who ask you to do it. Maybe put their names on little pieces of paper and throw them in a vase, and just take a few of them every morning or every evening, and simply pray for people who ask you to pray for them. There's powerful gifts in being intercessors of faith and Jesus enables us to be the intercessors, and the gospel today helps us to understand the powerful, powerful way in which we can be interceding for one another. Friends, as we continue this summer journey, my invitation to you is simply to connect, to belong, and to be the welcoming face of Jesus to others. God bless you!