Striving for Deeper Holiness: November 28, 2021


1st Sunday of Advent

Friends, do you remember the time or day when you were expecting Santa to come? There's great excitement in the air of knowing that Santa is coming and that you deserve a special gift. We all went through it, didn't we? Advent is a time of expectation and of awaiting. That's what we hear in today's gospel taken from the Gospel of Luke. Jesus says to us, "Stand up. Raise your head. Await. Be ready. Be prepared." We hear this invitation of preparedness and opening of our own hearts, an expectation of encounter. This Advent season is an invitation for us to expect an encounter with Jesus, a new encounter. Jesus always comes to us and you, always with new grace, always with new affirmation, always with a new gift of peace, of strength, of hope, of healing.

Whatever it is that we need, Jesus compels us to be expectant and to be open, and so as we begin this season of Advent here at Saint Clement, my invitation to you is to simply be open, be expecting to encounter Jesus in the noise of this very noisy Advent season. I invite you to join us for time of prayer and reflection, whether you join us for the Taize service on December 6th, whether you join us for our preaching series that I will lead on Sundays at 11:15 or the Faith Hub at 4:30, whether you will join us for our small group which will be led by Rachel, Father Matt, and Father Paul. (Advent offerings found here.)

We'd just love you to join us in a time of reflection, of making space and reminding ourselves that we should be people of expectation as at one time, a long time ago perhaps, we awaited with great expectation for Santa to come. Let's just awake the same expectation of our hearts in welcoming Jesus, and I just invite you of all my heart to join us for in-person worship here at Saint Clement so as a community, together in expectation, we'll await the coming of Jesus. God bless you all!