To Teach Who Christ Is Construction Update

Temporary ramp

You’ve heard the old adage, “There are two seasons in Chicago—winter and construction!”

Well, Saint Clement is now beginning its own construction season. You’ll notice a few things around the campus:

You’ll notice dumpsters outside the school…

Construction on the new school entrance began on June 13. As you may recall from our TTWCI capital campaign materials, the goal is to have a more welcoming and secure entrance to the school, as well as install air conditioning on the first floor (the 3rd floor was completed last summer, and the second floor will be done during Spring Break 2017). There is no access to the school except for a few staff members during this time. Everything will be finished before the teachers arrive on August 15.

You’ll notice a ramp outside the church entrance…

We are still waiting for a permit to begin the church construction project, but in anticipation of that, a temporary ramp leading to the main church doors was installed. Our regular entrance for those with disabilities will be in the construction zone; we therefore had to install the temporary ramp to allow all to enter the church. All are welcome, even during construction! We will keep you updated as this project continues.

You’ll notice our priests are happier!

All infrastructure repairs to the priests’ residence are complete! This included new windows, boilers, hot water heater, and doors. There is more to be done, but for now, it is a solid, comfortable place for our clergy to live.

You’ll notice it’s unusually bright in church...

All three rose windows have been cleaned and repaired. It is most definitely a noticeable improvement.

For questions regarding the TTWCI capital campaign or construction, please contact Kim Carter, Director of Operations at