Thank You & Farewell to Director of Music, Paul Nicholson

Reception Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021 following 11:15 a.m. Mass

Dear Members of Saint Clement community,

Each of you – and your engagement – are what makes our parish thrive. It is that energy and commitment, as we come together in prayer, learning and service, that continues the mission of Christ on earth and changes the lives of all those with whom we interact, and support.

For our worship, learning and service ministries to be done well, we require a great team of dedicated professionals who support us on our Christian journey. Therefore, it is with sadness that I share with you that our director of music, Paul Nicholson has decided to step away from his role, effective August 31st, 2021. I am sorry to see Paul leave as he has been a great asset to our community and his talents have impacted our community in so many ways. With kindness and gentleness, he led our choirs, musicians and members in song and worship. At the same time, I do respect his decision to step away at this time. Please join me in thanking God for his ministry among us.

I also encourage you to join us as we thank Paul for all his lasting contributions at Saint Clement with a reception on Sunday, August 29th following the 11:15 a.m. Mass.

As music is one of the critical ministries of this community, we will work together with our liturgy and music teams, and the leadership of parish council, to select a new director of music.

With gratitude for all who labor at Saint Clement,

Fr. Peter Wojcik, Pastor