Thank You For Your Generosity to This Year’s Jesse Tree!

Throughout Advent, Saint Clement parishioners generously supported 11 local charities with their wish lists for the season. Incredibly, all 1,450 tags were taken from the trees this year! Overall, as a parish, we were able to donate more than $13,750 in gift cards and donations, as well as more than 1,325 items of clothing, toys and more.

The following gives a breakdown of the distribution:

  • Catholic Charities: 154 toys for children in need.
  • H.O.M.E.: $3,155 in gift cards & donations for the elderly.
  • Immigration Ministry: 82 coats, sweatshirts & sweatpants for those being held in detention centers.
  • Lakeview Rehab & Nursing Center: 127 individual gifts of sweatshirts & socks for residents.
  • La Rabida Children’s Hospital: 153 gifts of toys, books & clothing for children, $840 in gift cards.
  • Lincoln Park Community Shelter: 91 gifts, & $2,000 in gift cards, for individuals & general use.
  • Madonna House: 114 individual gifts of women’s & children’s clothing & toys, $270 in gift cards for individuals & general needs.
  • The Night Ministry: 123 gifts of pajamas, sweat suits, hats & gloves, $1,600 in gift cards for those living on the streets or in shelters.
  • Our Lady of Mercy: 82 gifts of coats, hats & gloves, $775 in gift cards for our sharing parish parishioners.
  • Solidarity Bridge: $4,490 in donations for medical supplies & treatments.
  • St. Vincent de Paul Center: 227 items of clothing, stamps & other basic necessities, $450 in gift & Ventra cards.

Additional donations were shared with the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels and Immaculate Conception Parish on 44th.

We are truly grateful for the generosity of parishioners this year, and the over 50 volunteers who contributed to making this year’s Jesse Tree such a success. Much appreciation goes to the tag makers, tree decorators, tag re-stockers, gift sorters, wrappers, shoppers, and charity liaisons.

An immense note of thanks to the Jesse Tree committee, comprised of Colleen Jones, Julia Keller, Aylice Toohey & Helen Wargel, who give so much time and energy to this project, and whose wisdom and guidance make this ministry better every year!

Thank you to all Saint Clement parishioners who donated so generously to the agencies!