13th Sunday in Ordinary Time reflection by Patrick Sinozich

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Jurors in a trial.
Apostles around Jesus.
Years for the planet Jupiter to orbit the Sun once.
Drummers drumming.
Tribes of Israel.
Steps of AA.
Inches in a foot.
Months in a year.

A woman experiences 12 years of hemorrhages, 12 years of doctors who cannot heal her, and 12 years of the great expense of seeking a cure that leaves her penniless.

And then there is a young girl, twelve years old, a girl who is dying.

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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time reflection by Paul Nicholson

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There is no agreement on human behavior in times of calamity. Some say it brings out the best in us, others say the worst. Others say it brings about both. Maybe these perceptions say more about the observer than the observed. Someone who sees the glass half empty may also tend to note antisocial behavior, violence, and selfishness. On the other hand, a glass-is-half-full observer might notice selflessness, generosity, courage, and compassion.
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