Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary reflection by Fr. Paul Barwikowski

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Many people are impressed by individuals going into space… Just think about Mary going into heaven!

There is no doubt one of the greatest human desires is to be happy! We keep asking questions such as: how do I get that eternal joy? Who can make me happy?

Then I hear stories of Neil Armstrong, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and I can just imagine how happy they were making such an achievement of going into space. But how much of that is just a temporary feeling and a great memory that can possibly pass away? I want more than that!

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Staffing Updates: Letter from Fr. Peter

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August 5, 2021
Dear Saint Clement Parish Family,
A few weeks ago, I shared some staffing changes that align with how we are continuing to improve our way of operating and advancing the parish mission of being disciples for Christ. We are actively recruiting for these three open positions and know that the Holy Spirit will help guide the best person for each role to us.
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    The Power of a Community – Synodal Path

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    Letter from Fr. Peter, Pastor

    August 2021
    Over the last few months folks have asked me about something that the Vatican calls the Synodal Path. This is a preparation and consultation process leading to the 2023 Synod of Bishops entitled: “For a synodal Church: communion, participation and mission”.
    What’s a synod and what does it do? 
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    18th Sunday in Ordinary Time reflection by Gabriel Mayhugh

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    “Sir, give us this bread always.”  This is a striking line in the Gospel reading for today. It speaks of hunger, a deep hunger for things that nourish us spiritually. As members of a liturgical community and a sacramental faith, we recognize that physical objects and moments can communicate something of the divine. Bread and wine, oil and water, incense and candles: these small and simple objects point us toward a deeper reality. There are even everyday objects and rituals that we all use that point us to deeper realities.

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