If you would like to volunteer for Saint Clement Parish and will work with children, there are specific requirements that must be met in order to do so. Visit the Archdiocese of Chicago website to learn more about the Protection of Children and Youth.

Requirements for all Volunteers who work with children

All volunteers who work with children are required to complete Virtus training, Mandatory Reporter training, and a CANTS background check before your scheduled volunteer date.

  • Mandated Reporter Training:  The Mandated Reporter Training is a mini online session (takes about an hour to go through) that has been asked for everyone to redo this year. Please follow this link to take the class. At the end of the class you will receive a certificate; PLEASE SAVE IMMEDIATELY to your computer (before signing out of the course). You will email this to compliance@stclementschool.org (see below).
  • CANTS 22: Needs to be done at the same time as MRT; for “Type of Employment” please list Volunteer
  • CANTS 689: Yearly CANTS background check 
  • VIRTUS / Protecting God's Children Workshop: If you have not gone to a Virtus training, please at least make an account so we can log all of the paperwork. There is an online training that can be done right away. Closer to the school year beginning, the training will be done in person again. Click for VIRTUS online registration instructions.
  • Standards of Behavior (formerly Code of Conduct): Will be prompted to sign in Virtus after completing training
  • Keeping Promise Alive (renewal of Virtus training): There is a new training to keep your Virtus active and needs to be done by everyone that has done Virtus before 2019. Sign into your Virtus account and it will be under the Training tab. This training takes about 30 minutes.

Next step -- certificate of completion and forms

Please send your certificate of completion and CANTS forms to compliance@stclementschool.org (if you are a volunteer, please put "Parish Volunteer" in the email's subject line). Thank you for your cooperation!


To report child abuse

Call the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873)
To report an allegation of abuse to the Archdiocese of Chicago contact Leah McCluskey, Director of the Office for Child Abuse Investigations and Review at 1-800-994-6200 or 312-534-5205.

You may also send written correspondence to:

Leah McCluskey, MSW, LSW, Director
Office for Child Abuse Investigations & Review
Archdiocese of Chicago
Post Office Box 1979
Chicago, Illinois 60690-1979

Helping with your healing journey

If you are a victim of sexual abuse by any Archdiocese of Chicago personnel including clergy, the Office for Assistance Ministry would like to help you on your healing journey. Their mission is to provide pastoral care, support, and resources to victims-survivors of sexual abuse and their loved ones in their efforts to achieve psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing.

For more information about the Office of Assistance Ministry, click here.