We Remember Those Who Have Gone Before Us

November is a month of remembrance. This month, we are invited to remember in a special way all of our family and friends who have died, especially those who have passed in the previous year. 

Virtual Memorial Table

As we are one parish family, below we share a Virtual Memorial Table, where fellow parishioners have shared photos of loved ones who have passed. Let us, as a community, remember them in our prayers. 
Pablo & Leoncia Del Pilar; Orleta Torres de Leon; Leoncia Del Pilar and Emily Estrella (submitted by Lillian Del Pilar)
Debra C. Donohoe (sister of Katie Donohoe)
Janet LeDuc (submitted by Judy LeDuc)
James Francis Driscoll (father of Julie Elmore)
Kevin Narko (husband of Kathleen Dillon Narko, father of Brendan and Jackson Narko)
Margaret O’Meara (sister of Maureen Williams)
Lillian & Ignatius Kurzawski (parents of Lori Howard)
Jason Karp (submitted by Kristen Lewis)
Donald Adamczyk (father of Elizabeth Adamczyk)
Theresa Bibeault (great aunt of Rachel Espinoza)
Eileen Dougherty (friend of Flo Merkl-Deutsch & Greg Deutsch)

Sister Dolores Brooks, O.P., former staff member of Saint Clement Parish

Flor de María Rojas (mother of Viviana Rojas de Radenbaugh)

Sue Radenbaugh (mother-in-law of Viviana Rojas de Radenbaugh)

Mary Keil, who passed on April 30, 2018 (wife of JJ Keil)

Kathryn Mary Keil (or, in her Sikh faith, Dharmatma Khalsa Keil), who passed on September 19, 2019 (daughter of JJ Keil)

Carlota Monteverde, who passed on November 14, 2019 (grandmother of Martin Ugaz)

Andrée Fouant and Louis Fouant (mother & father of Monique Fouant)

Edda Hackl, beloved parishioner (missed by many)

Nancy & Alfred Myles (parents of Peggy Myles)
Sheila Semmer (left) who passed on Feb. 29, 2020, and Eileen Claussen (right) who passed on May 19, 2020 (sisters of Kathy Moore)
Margaret Considine, who passed on Nov. 20, 2020, was a member of Saint Clement Parish for over 90 years!
Pictured from left to right: Bob and Jeanette Hann;
Captain David Hann; and Don Hann (submitted by Jan Hann)