Renew My Church 101

Invitation from Katherine Sexton, chair of the Pastoral Council

On behalf of the Pastoral Council, I'd like to invite you to consider attending one of the five Renew My Church 101 sessions. This is an opportunity to learn about the vision of renewal for the Archdiocese of Chicago, discover the structural and spiritual priorities of Renew My Church, and consider its applications for Saint Clement Parish as it aligns with the Clement Way. RMC 101 will explain the main steps and timeline of the RMC process and invite participants to consider their own role in the renewal of the Church. The sessions will consist of prayer, presentation, and Q&A.

All are welcome and we encourage you to attend. We look forward to seeing you.
- Katherine Sexton, chair of the Pastoral Council 

Upcoming RMC 101 dates

Please register for the specific date you are able to attend. Events are held via Zoom.


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