The thurifer helps to express adoration, prayer, and reverence before God. Psalm 141 describes incense as a symbol of prayer: "Let my prayer rise like incense before you." The use of incense helps our entire being to be more deeply engaged in liturgical prayer.


Becoming a sacristan requires the most time commitment, but without a sacristan the liturgy simply would not happen! The sacristan prepares all of the items for liturgy, from cups and plates to vestments and lights. They assist in countless ways at the liturgy. 

Hospitable Churches Chicago

Ministers of Hospitality are hosts who put a face onto the parish by being the first person to greet all who enter Saint Clement Church for the Sunday Mass. Some who enter the church will be at home at Saint Clement, others may be visiting. It is your goal to make all of them comfortable.

Liturgical Environmentalists

Liturgical Environmentalists enrich our worship space to reflect the liturgical season. In particular, many volunteers are needed to decorate for Easter and Christmas. Volunteers are also needed on a regular basis to water and maintain plants, and those good with a needle and thread are welcome  

Lectors proclaim the Living Word of God. In many ways the lector sets the tone for the liturgy by preparing the stories from our long history.

Eucharistic Minister Chicago

Eucharistic Ministers help distribute the consecrated bread and wine to the community. As an extraordinary minister of communion, you are integral to the sacramental sharing that is the highlight of the Mass. 

Child care ministry chicago
**COVID-19 update: Child Care is on Hia
Saint Clement Bread Bakers

Bread Bakers bake the Eucharistic bread for use at Mass. As stated in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, "The meaning of the sign demands that the material for the Eucharistic celebration truly have the appearance of food." By using bread lovingly prepared by the community, the

Altar Server

Before Jesus ate and drank for the last time with his friends, he taught them a final lesson about service in the washing of the feet. It was about hospitality and humility.

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