Chicago Shares offers a way for the community to respond to the needs of the homeless and most vulnerable among us. Through the Chicago Shares program, parishioners can purchase voucher booklets worth $5 to be distributed to those in need instead of cash, to be redeemed at participating stores and restaurants for food and toiletry items (no alcohol or tobacco products). As the Chicago Shares website states, with these vouchers, "Chicagoans can be sure their donations feed the hungry." 

Saint Clement Parish sells booklets of five $1 vouchers after Mass on the last Sunday of each month. Purchasers may give them to needy people, or donate the vouchers to Saint Clement Parish for distribution to the hungry. 

Click here for an article our parish ran on Chicago Shares in an issue of The Plaza, our e-newsletter.

How does the Chicago Shares voucher system work? You see someone in need, you give them Chicago Shares vouchers, the person in need buys food and personal care items using the vouchers as currency from a participating location.

We always need volunteers to help explain and sell Chicago Shares to parishioners after Mass!