Ministry of Care is an outreach service of Saint Clement Parish to those who are unable to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist due to sickness or age. Minsters of Care are parishioners who are commissioned by Saint Clement Parish to offer compassion, prayer and Holy Communion to those who are sick or homebound. This ministry allows those who are sick and homebound to experience the nearness of God and the Christian community through the presence of the Minister of Care and through the reception of the Eucharist at life’s most difficult moments. They bring the Eucharist to Catholic patients in healthcare facilities such as Lurie Children’s Hospital, Saint Joseph’s Hospital, The Grove, Lake View Nursing Home, Sunrise Assisted Living Residence and homebound parishioners.

How can I become a Minister of Care?

The Archdiocese of Chicago requires all those wishing to be a part of this ministry to go through a training program and be mandated by the Office for Divine Worship of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

The Archdiocese of Chicago offers a training program on the Sacrament of the Eucharist and on the theology of suffering. The five-session course serves to train new ministers in both the practical and spiritual aspects of this important ministry. A sixth session is conducted at Saint Clement to educate new Ministers of Care on the practicalities of the ministry as we carry out here.

New Ministers of Care are required to attend all six sessions. Those who have been trained in another parish may not need to participate in the whole course. The training course is necessary for certification. Upon completion of the training program, the new Ministers of Care will be commissioned by the parish.

What is the commitment?           

The commitment to Ministry of Care is three years. At the end of the three year cycle  a Minister may renew his/her commitment, shift the commitment to another area of the ministry, move to the substitute list, or step back from ministry of care.

How often am I required to visit the hospital/ nursing home?

It is one visit per week. However, some nursing homes and Lurie Children’s hospital have more than one Minister of Care visiting them on different days of the week/weekend. Depending on the number of patients the weekly visits may last one to two hours.

Visits to the homebound will take place either weekly or every other week. A typical visit would last about 30 minutes.